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A Quick Guide to Help You Through the Insurance Claim Process

  • Please present Finish Line Collision with estimate to insurer when having your car accessed by and insurance appraiser

  • Please call use immediately after the insurer has reviewed your damages. We will be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

  • Finish Line Collision will need a copy of the insurance estimate at least 4 days before your vehicle is scheduled for repairs to allow sufficient time for parts ordering and to address any estimating errors by the insurer.

  • If there are any dollar differences between Finish Line Collision’s estimate and the insurer’s estimate, Finish Line Collision will resolve the differences directly with the insurer. 

  • Please make sure you have a check from the insurance company before bringing your vehicle in for repairs.

  • Any additional accident related damages found once the repair process is started will be charged directly to the insurance company.

  • Deductibles are due upon completion of repairs.

Finish Line Collision accepts credit cards up to $1000 on all insurance claims. (A good way to pay deductible)

It is unlawful for an insurer to steer you away from the repair facility of your choice. Call us immediately if you feel you are being pressured to choose one of their shops. Remember, when using their shop you are allowing them to repair your car using cost savings that benefit them and may not benefit you or your vehicle manufacturers requirements and warranty guidelines.

Remember: When you are in doubt or are uncomfortable with an insurer’s instructions, please call us. We are advocates for you. Our concern is quality repairs, using factory parts that will not diminish the value of your vehicle or void your warranty. Insurers warranties are not considered by the manufacturer and are not transferable. Don’t fall for the insurance company warranty.

Thank you for giving Finish Line Collision the opportunity to serve you.

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