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​Below is a list of the 5 most common practices of a sub-standard insurer.

  1. The use of inferior replacement parts

  2. Sub-standard paint procedures

  3. Sub-standard labor practices (below industry standards)

  4. Voiding of your manufacturers warranty

  5. A poor understanding of your vehicle

When you allow an insurance company to steer you from the shop of your choice, you risk all of the above practices being used on your car.

Shopping for the best premium will not get you the best repair in the event of an accident. A quality repair starts with a quality insurance company. The wrong company can cost you a small fortune in the end.

Construction of your vehicle is very complex with the introduction of many new metals and alloys. Specialized repair procedures and equipment must be used to meet manufacturers requirements and safety policies.

Your insurance company warranty is not the same as your manufacturers warranty. Do not fall for the sell phrase “We will warranty your car repairs”. Insurers warranties are not transferable and not acceptable to manufacturers.

Remember, Finish Line Collision conducts business according to industry standards. You get what you accept and it doesn’t mean you have to pay a lot more for acceptable standards. Please ask our staff for a list of the top performing insurers.

Make the switch now. Contact Finish Line today.

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